My entire life I’ve been a generous and giving person. I love to help and to teach people what I have learned the last twenty-five years.  I have been a guest on many networks, including ESPN, CNN, Fox Sports and radio shows coast to coast.  Let me explain a little about myself.

I grew up in a relatively poor beach town back in Keansburg, NJ. I worked on the Jersey shore boardwalks since I was ten years old, making young-money in a pizza shop, as a line cook, in the arcade, and in games of chance.  While my buddies were all partying on the weekends, I was earning good money and learning the code of the street along the way. Both my parents also worked on the weekends on the same boardwalk. I’ve always believed that we are products of our parents.  And from my own parents, I learned the right way to treat people, the right way to put family first and how to live life in a positive manner.  I believe that was the reason I never drank alcohol, smoked or was involved with any drugs, while many of my childhood friends went down those paths.

One thing about Keansburg (and lots of little towns back east):  it was a gambling town. And one thing I took up at an early age was gambling.  Whether it was pitching quarters against the back of the post office, playing cards with buddies, making trips to the race tracks and Atlantic City, these were regular, daily occurrences for me.  It was in Atlantic City where I learned the terms “advantage gambling” and “positive expectation”.

One day I stumbled up a crew of people that were playing a video blackjack game that offered surrender with basic strategy on point multiplier days, with cash back and comps.  It was in the player’s favor for about 25 dollars an hour.  One day as I sat down to play this game, I spoke to a man at the next game over, and my life changed forever.  This man worked for another casino in town and was the head of their game protection / blackjack card count team. He was, and still is, one of the smartest men I know.

He also frequented Vegas every month betting and beating sports. I was taken under his wing as a student.  I was a quick learner.  In a matter of months, I took my small bankroll and watched it grow tenfold. Over the last twenty-five years I have been involved with some of the smartest and sharpest advantage sports bettors in the world. 

I am confident that you’ll win when following me long term because I've never had a losing year.  Sports betting is not a get rich quick business.  Which is why you need to be involved long term.  If you are, I have no doubt you'll see success.  Just like I sat down at the video blackjack game and had my life forever altered for the better thanks to the man sitting next to me, I hope that I become that man to impact your life to the better, via KrackWins.