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Sports betting may be the only industry in the world where people call themselves “professionals” that simply are not.  If someone says they are a “professional” basketball player, but actually plays in the local Church League, what would you say?  If someone said they were a “professional” pilot but never went to flight school, would you get on their plane?  Of course not.  Similarly, you shouldn’t take betting advice from someone who doesn’t wager for a living.

I’ve seen the bottom of the barrel in the industry.  I have encountered scores of people, including friends and family, who have lost their livelihood based on poor information.  With state legalization advancing every month, there are more fakes and fugazi’s popping up every day that are hurting people while at the same time giving my profession a bad name and a black eye.  The difference is that in the past, these folks surfed on an undercurrent, in the shadows. Now, everyone is in plain sight, preying on all the new folks looking to start betting sports.

I have always been very leery of “touts” and those who provide betting advice to others.  My issue is a simple one: how can you advise someone to make a bet when you yourself don’t have as much as a grocery dollar on the game.  If you are confident enough to ask someone to pay you for the information, shouldn’t you be confident enough to bet it yourself?  Now I know some touts will claim they do, and in truth, they might make a $100 play here and there; but they aren’t long-term winning bettors who have made their living – let alone a great living – betting.

So, I had a choice.  I could complain about these charlatans nonstop on Twitter and warn people about getting bad information, or I could do something on my own to provide an alternative.  And, after turning down offers for years, I finally found the right fit and launched KrackWins.

My ultimate goal with KrackWins is to be the go-to alternative to the snake oil salesmen making empty promises by providing valuable information that can actually sharpen bettors.  I have heard the criticism from all those who think that “tout” is a four letter word.  I understand where they are coming from.  Webster’s dictionary defines “tout” as “an attempt to sell something, typically by pestering people in an aggressive or bold manner”.  That’s not what I have ever been about and it’s not what KrackWins is or will ever be about.   

First and foremost, KrackWins users get the plays that I am betting myself, at the time I make them and before the line moves the other way.  Second, my service offers a variety of different tiers for users to choose from.  Instead of preying on those new to the scene, KrackWins slowly introduces users by offering a free download of the app and a free introductory package that provides a play a week.  If and when users get more comfortable with the app as well as the market, they can upgrade to one of multiple intermediary packages offering an increase in plays.  KrackWins also offers a premium package, custom-made for the regular daily bettor who wants to grind it out right alongside me with everything that I bet.  

KrackWins also is more than just betting plays.  It is a multimedia platform that includes original content, videos, betting tips, sports primers, life stories and tales of Vegas, and money management advice.  As we continue to grow, I see KrackWins becoming a massive community that embodies the positive side of the industry: folks who want to lift other people up not tear other people down; and most importantly, folks who want to take down the books, one bet at a time.

Finally, the information and plays that KrackWins offers are the best in the industry.  I will not belabor the point here, but we provide full transparency on our performance – win or lose.  You can look at our archive of weekly recaps to see more. Over the long-term across multiple sports, we demonstrate unparalleled edge and win rates.  Proven results speak louder than anything else.

The bottom line is that, despite residing in the morality car wash that is Las Vegas, I live in reality.  If you have paid attention, you have seen that everything about me is real – from my humble origins, to the way I dress, to the bets I make, to the way that I love my family and friends.  I see the sports betting world that has been my life for nearly 30 years changing at warp speed.  And with any seismic change, there is going to be major casualties.  You either adapt with that change – or you die.  I’m here, I’m not going anywhere, and I’m ready for this new age, whatever it may bring and I’m happy to provide as much shelter from the storm as I can. 

If you are looking for an authentic outlet in a sea of dubious voices, check out my KrackWins app on Apple or Google Play.    


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