The Story of a Sports Betting Legend

“Sports betting has been my life’s work for the past three decades.”

–Bill “Krackman” Krackomberger


I love what I do and I take pride in helping to educate others on what I’ve learned along the way so that they can become sharper sports bettors.


I grew up in a relatively poor beach town back in Keansburg, NJ. At nine years old, I worked on the Jersey shore boardwalks in a pizza shop, as a line cook, in arcades, and in games of chance. While my buddies were all partying on the weekends, I was earning my keep and learning the code of the street along the way.

Keansburg (like many other little towns in the area) was a gambling town. Gambling was a rite of passage, It was in your blood. Whether it was pitching quarters against the back of the post office, playing cards with buddies or making trips to race tracks and Atlantic City, these were regular, gambling was part of my everyday life growing up.

Early Career

Indeed, Atlantic City is where I learned the terms “advantage gambling” and “positive expectation”. One day I was told about a video blackjack game in Atlantic City that offered surrender with basic strategy on point multiplier days, with cash back and comps. It was in the player’s favor for about 25 dollars an hour. As I sat down to play this game, I spoke to a man at the next game over who changed my life forever. He worked for a casino in town and was the head of their game protection / card counting team. He also bet sports and frequented Vegas from time to time. I was taken under his wing and he became my mentor.


In a matter of months, I took my small bankroll and watched it grow tenfold. Over the last twenty-five plus years I have been involved with some of the smartest and sharpest advantage sports bettors in the world. I have been a guest on many television networks, including ESPN, CNN, Fox Sports and have appeared on countless radio shows and podcasts coast to coast.

I am confident that you’ll win when following me long term because, quite simply, I’ve never had a losing year. Sports betting is not a get rich quick business so if you get in, you need to be prepared to stick it out for the long term. It is indeed a marathon and not a sprint.

My goal is to forever impact your financial life for the better, via KrackWins.

If you stick with me, follow my plays, and are disciplined with my money management rules, I have no doubt you will see success. My sports betting life forever changed for the better when I sat down at that blackjack game and learned from the best, and I hope to have that kind of impact on you.

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