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Learn from one of the top rated sports bettors in the world, Bill Krackomberger. He has a winning betting track record that goes back 25 years. He’s developed a number of winning sports betting tips and methods featured here on the Krackwins blog

More than $20 billion has been bet with U.S. sportsbooks since the Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 on May 14, 2018. (Source: ESPN)

Success at sports betting shouldn’t only be about big plays and big wins (think Super Bowl). A professional sports bettor excels when they recognize small advantages, takes the time to analyze at a deep level and isn’t afraid to do things against the grain. This flexibility of mind can help you to hone in your skills to get big wins. It shouldn’t be pure passion driving your bets. Instead utilize logic and statistics, and always listen to your gut to develop your winning strategies. If you’re looking to improve your sports betting skills, here are Bill’s top ten tips to get you started:

Checkout Bill’s Top 10 Sports Betting Tips


Sports Betting Tip 1: Baby Steps

As a rookie sports bettor you may be tempted to dive right in and bet on any and every game possible. But winning sports betting takes more than that. It takes research, patience, money management and the realization that you will lose along the way as you learn the ropes. Ease yourself into it, take baby steps, there’s no need to bet on every game as you build your sports betting knowledge. 

Sports Betting Tip 2: Learn The Lingo – Odds, Teasers, Moneyline, Over Under, Spread

There are a ton of sports betting terms and ways to bet, but if you learn anything it should be these terms first – odds, moneyline, over under and spread. Research what odds are and how to read them, understand what the spread is and what it means to bet against it, understand how to bet the over under (i.e. the total) and get comfy with the basics of betting the moneyline. Whether you are a beginner betting the spread or you prefer teasers, totals or moneyline bets – the more you understand the lingo, the more informed your bets will be.

Sports Betting Tip 3: Set A Budget

Sports betting can move at a very fast pace, especially during the NCAA basketball season. If you’re not careful, your bankroll can run out before a day of play is over. Do your research, set a budget and stick to it. This will let you know when to bet and when to cut your losses so you can fight (or bet!) another day.

Sports Betting Tip 4: Track Every Bet

If you want to become more serious about your sports betting “career,” then you need to track your bets. Keep a notebook handy or download a note taking app to help you log your bets as you make them. Over time you will notice patterns, develop a strategy, and have a database that will help you analyze your sports betting style.

Sports Betting Tip 5: Learn One Sport At A Time

Every sport is different, especially when it comes to sports betting. NCAA Basketball, NCAA Football, MLB, the NBA, you name it – learning the keys for each sport and how the rules may affect your bet takes time no matter how familiar you are with that sport. Start with one sport, become comfortable with betting it, develop your strategy and then expand into another.

Sports Betting Tip 6: To Win, Know The System

Sportsbooks exist for a reason, there is a profit to be made off of sports betting and they understand how to do it. You should learn how the profit is made at a sportsbook. When you know how they make their profit, you will be able to identify where your advantages lie as a bettor.

Sports Betting Tip 7: Don’t Bet On Your Favorite Team

Just because you love a team doesn’t mean you should bet the moneyline or the spread in their favor. The reason is simple, allowing passion to overshadow statistics and logic may prove fatal to your gains.

Sports Betting Tip 8: Know That “Home Team Advantage” Exists

The home teams win more often than they lose across all professional and college sports. Remember that advantage is already baked into the line. Always consider the strength of that home court/field advantage when placing bets.

Sports Betting Tip 9: Trust the Stats And Your Gut

Using statistics can help teams exploit their competition’s weaknesses, pull off wins and can be huge game changers. But no matter how much teams prepare, there are times they just go with their gut. Sports betting is the same, use both stats and your gut to prepare and strategize your bets.

Sports Betting Tip 10: Stay Cool, Calm And Collected

Losing sucks, especially when you have no one to blame but yourself. Sports betting can be profitable if you treat it with the right level of respect. Be rational about how you approach betting, track your bets, keep copious notes, take the time to crunch numbers and don’t sweat the small stuff. If you lose, do it with grace. If you win, huzzah!

These ten tips only scratch the surface of professional sports betting, there are many, many more tips, tricks and key learnings that will help you develop your sports betting strategy. For additional information, download the KrackWins app, sign up for our email list and check out these resources:

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