Weekly Recap and Looking Ahead – 2/5

Feb 5, 2020 | NFL, Weekly Recap

February is a strange month.  It’s like the Tuesday of months.  January has a feel, June has a feel.  But what does February feel like?  It’s still cold and wintery in most places, but we are seeing the first signs of spring.  The holidays are over and the new year has begun in earnest, but it still feels like we are in stuck in second gear.

The February sporting world follows suit.  The Super Bowl is over and the no-football depression sinks in.  The XFL will try to ease some of that pain, but to me, that seems like doing shots of really bad booze to cure a hangover.  College basketball games fill the board, but everyone is really just looking ahead to March.  The NBA season is half over, the have and have-nots have been established, and teams are starting to position themselves for seeding, both in the playoffs and the draft.  The PGA tour has started up again, but everyone knows the season really starts in April at Augusta.  Catchers and pitchers don’t report for another few weeks.

It is an entirely different story if you are a bettor, not just a fan.  A Tuesday NBA game between the Magic and Pistons has meaning.  Iowa State and Texas are playing on ESPNU to see who creeps out of the bottom of the Big 12?  Great!  What’s the line?  If the sports league execs ever wondered what the change in gambling laws means, then look no further than February.  I’ll bet a substantial amount of the audience interested in a game is paying attention with their wallet.  That number will only continue to grow.  I’m glad you are along for the ride as KrackWins melts the February blues.

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Author: Bill Krackomberger

Author: Bill Krackomberger

Professional Sports Bettor

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