Weekly Recap, Bad Beats, and Looking Ahead – 11/20

Nov 20, 2019 | NBA, NCAAB, News, NFL, Weekly Recap

Last week marked 18 months since the Supreme Court found the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), the federal law prohibiting states from authorizing sports betting, to be unconstitutional, thereby leaving it up to individual states to decide if they want to authorize and regulate sports betting in their state.

That ruling back in May 2018 changed the lives of a lot of people, especially yours truly.  Seeing it’s the 1.5 year anniversary of the shot heard round the world, I thought we should briefly check in on where we are.  Including the godfather, Nevada, the following states are the first adopters and already have legalized sports gambling.

Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, Mississippi, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Arkansas, New York, Iowa, Indiana, Oregon (tribal only), New Mexico (tribal only).

The following states are in the on-deck circle and should be allowing wagering in the next six months: Montana, Washington D.C., Tennessee, Illinois, New Hampshire, and North Carolina (tribal).

These states are heading toward legalization, hopefully to begin in late 2020 or early 2021: Maine, Colorado, Connecticut, Kentucky, Michigan, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, South Carolina, California, Ohio, Virginia, North Dakota, Arizona, Hawaii, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, Georgia, Vermont, Alabama, and Florida.

The following slow pokes have not introduced legislation as of yet: Alaska, Idaho, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Wyoming.  All states in this category have laws that prohibit full-blown sports betting. Such laws would need to be repealed or amended before full-scale sports wagering would be permitted. These states do not have any publicly announced bills devoted to sports betting legalization.

When hell freezes over:  Utah.  Utah’s anti-gambling stance is written into the state’s constitution. Any change to existing state policy toward gambling would be a massive departure from decades of opposition to any form of gambling, including lottery tickets, table games and sports betting.

One thing I’ve tried to never do it predict politics.  However, barring some unforeseen events, given the existing momentum, it is quite plausible that you will be able to make sports bets in 44 states (plus DC) before the end of 2021.  As Louis Armstrong once said, “What a Wonderful World”.  As a KrackWins member, you should be salivating like me: the ability to profit from our edge will increase exponentially as legalized betting increases not only across new states but also with more expanded access within existing states.  So, if you currently get capped out on small-market plays, change is coming soon.

As for the here and now, let’s review the past week….

There was some good and there was some not-so-good…but it still was a winner overall.

Our PGA swing was a bit rusty, going 0-3 (-5.25 units).  The NHL went 3-2 (+1 unit) and the NFL props went 2-3 (-1 unit).  The NFL teasers went 1-1 (-.18 units).  You only need to look as far as this past weekend’s Cardinals-49ers to recognize that betting significant money on a large number of NFL games is a fool’s errand.  These games are a coin toss, a crap shoot, a proverbial bounce of a downed ball or the whim of a bad call.

After a sizzling start to the season (~74% win rate), college basketball ended the week under .500, going 11-13 in a mix of sides and totals (-6.5 units).  So, we came back to earth a little.  Teams are now starting to set their rotations a bit.  Again, NCAAB traditionally is very profitable for me and this year is off to a top-shelf start, even with this past week’s setback.

The losing week in college was made up for with the professionals as we went 10-2 (+11.15 units) in the NBA.   Just phenomenal work by my NBA guys this week.

In college football, the volume dips some — but the edge does not.  We went 4-0 including another easy FCS win (+10 units).

Add that up and you have another winning week – 31-24 (+10.12 units).  Again, that is the KrackWins difference.  We are diversified across multiple sports, so a one-off bad week/volatility in one sports does not mean a losing week overall.

I hope that you are as excited as we are about how the fall has gone so far.  Let’s keep building that bankroll as we head into the holidays!

If you bet sports and still are on the bubble about moving up to a paid package, I hope these recaps will motivate you to get onboard.  Fall/Winter is when I bring in the biggest portion of my profits!

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Author: Bill Krackomberger

Author: Bill Krackomberger

Professional Sports Bettor

I love to help and to teach people what I have learned the last twenty-five years as a consistently winning sports bettor.  I have been a guest on many networks, including ESPN, CNN, Fox Sports, VSIN and radio shows coast to coast as well as am featured in the new Showtime series “Action”.  Download my app KrackWins to get my picks in live time.

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